About Us

Every woman has a right to beautiful lingerie.

Founded by Mandy Tsang, a self-confessed lingerie addict, beauty obsessive and eternal optimist, Sense Intimates was created to take feeling good and looking better to another level. They say lingerie is the foundation of any good outfit but we also believe that it is the foundation of having the confidence to wear any outfit and feel empowered.


So where does the story begin? In 2002 Mandy’s mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and became her inspiration. Post-surgery she found it incredibly difficult to find feminine lingerie and a decent fitting service with the care and empathy required to provide this much needed and important service. Troubled by this, Mandy decided to use her background in new product development in the hair and beauty sector to create an online boutique to provide an effortless and superior shopping experience for all women.

Because we believe every woman has a right to beautiful lingerie.