What to Expect at your Bra Fitting

The thought of going for a bra fitting can be a daunting thought for some, so I want to address some common questions that you may have so you know exactly what to expect when you book in with me and so you feel as comfortable as possible.

Will I have to take my bra off for you to fit me?

No, you don’t have to take your bra off to be fitted, however, I will ask you to pop your top off so I can see how your bra sits on your body. It’s actually easier for me to assess the size and fit when you’re wearing a bra as it allows me to see where your breast tissue sits and assess more accurately.
I’m not comfortable showing my breasts. Will you still be able to fit me?

Of course! I always fit with the bra on the body and there is no need for me to see anything more than that. I will always ask if you’re comfortable for me to stay in the fitting room with you or if you’d rather me pop back in when you’re ready. It’s whatever you feel most comfortable with. I will also have a gown for you to put on while I’m selecting bras so you can be covered at all times should you wish.
Is there a lot of physical interaction?

There is a little physical interaction but I do keep this to a minimum. In order for me to assess the fit of the bra, I will check the fit of the band by running my fingers underneath it, help with the hooks and I will also adjust the straps if required. Please remember it’s always entirely your choice as to what you feel comfortable with. Once the bra is on, I will ask you to position yourself by scooping and swooping your breast tissue into the cups, which I will talk you through.
I’m embarrassed about the state of my bra!

Please do not fret about the current state of your bra! The most important thing is that you’ve taken the first step to getting yourself properly fitted and I am confident you’ll be leaving the fitting room with some lovely new well-fitted bras! Also, please do not apologise for body hair, lumps and bumps or weight that you think you need to lose or gain – your body is beautiful just as it is! It’s a privilege to be a bra fitter and for you to allow me into your personal space so please know that i’m not thinking about any of the above am only concerned with getting you into well fitting lingerie that makes you feel good.
Should I wait until I’ve lost weight before I come for a fitting?

No! I often get asked this question and I understand you may think it’s better to hold off as you don’t want to spend money on bras only to change size again. The fact is that our bodies are always in a state of change and we deserve to feel good in our lingerie and clothing at ANY given point, not only when we reach certain milestones or meet the conditions we place on ourselves. You are always worthy of feeling good!
What if I’m on a tight budget?

Talking about money with a stranger can be awkward but please know that whatever your budget is, it will be respected – no pushy sales here, I promise! Good quality bras are an investment and I always recommend that people build up their bra wardrobe gradually, regardless of budget. How and when you build this up is entirely what’s right for you and I can certainly guide you in the right direction with this. Investing in ONE good quality bra that you take care of and that makes you feel great is better than several ill-fitting ones – a great bra is worth its weight in gold!

You can book a fitting using the calendar below. If you have any other questions before your fitting, please send me an email at [email protected]. I will always do my best to make you feel welcome and as relaxed as possible during your time with me and I promise you’ll be well looked after!