Lingerie Care Guide


At Sense Intimates, we believe your lingerie and delicates deserve all the love to ensure you get the most out of your purchases.

We advise that you follow the care instructions on the label which can be found inside each garment, however, we have provided some tips on how to give your lingerie some extra love and make it last longer.

Hand Wash

    • Hand wash your bras every one to two wears – this will help keep them looking newer for longer.
    • Soak Wash is a gentle rinse-free formulation and is perfect for handwashing your laciest lingerie to your silkiest sleepwear. Soak your garments for 15 minutes (or longer) in a gallon of cool water with one teaspoon of Soak Wash and gently squeeze out excess water. Gently rub any stubborn area with your thumb, taking care not to distress the fibres as this could cause them to break.
    • When handwashing, remove any jewellery and ensure nails do not have any sharp edges to minimise any damage to your delicates.
    • Using cool water to handwash will help preserve the colour of the garments and prevent white fabrics from going grey.

Although we recommend handwashing all your delicates, especially bras, hosiery and anything lacy, to give them a longer lifespan and keep them in the best possible condition, here are a few simple tips if using a machine wash to extend the life of your delicates. (Please note, only machine wash your garments if the care label advises that this is suitable).

Machine Wash

    • Bras should be clasped before being placed into a lingerie washing bag to prevent damage.
    • Select the ‘delicates’ or ‘hand wash’ cycle to wash your garments. These are usually lower temperatures (30C) as hot water and excessive heat can break down the fibres and elastic.
    • o Do not wash with other items of clothing.
    • o Turn items inside out before placing in laundry bag to help prevent any build up of lint or ‘bobbling’.


    • Blot off excess moisture by gently rolling the garments in a towel and then unroll and leave to dry flat.
    • Bras and knickers can be left to air dry on a hanger.
    • Do not wash with other items of clothing.
    • Never place your delicates (especially bras) on a radiator or over direct heat source. This can cause damage to underwired bras.
    • Do not tumble dry your delicates as the heat and motion of the tumble dryer are likely to cause damage to your garments.
    • Do not hang hosiery to dry as this can cause the fabric to stretch and lose the original shape.

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