Mastectomy Bra Fitting Service

Breast cancer is a horrendous experience – for you and the people around you.  The diagnosis, the treatment and the changes you experience are all tough challenges.  And if you come out the other end feeling uncomfortable and lacking in confidence because you can’t get your prosthesis and lingerie right – that just adds to your stress.

If you’re constantly worrying about whether your prosthesis is in the right place, or you’re on edge because your bra isn’t giving you the support (physical or psychological) that you need – you’re in the right place.

At Sense Intimates, we believe that well-fitting lingerie is a right, not a luxury.  Founded by Mandy Tsang who has direct experience of the impact breast cancer can have on your life, Sense Intimates will help you re-discover the comfort and confidence you deserve, with a mastectomy bra fitting service in the comfort of your own home. 

Our simple 3 step solution which includes a home visit, means that well-fitting lingerie is a whole lot closer than you might think.

At Sense Intimates, regaining the comfort and confidence you deserve is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

We know that many women don’t want to stand in a changing room in a shop or department store after their surgery to have a bra fitting. They want a solution that is more intimate, more personal and more caring. We offer mastectomy bra fitting consultations in Lanarkshire, Glasgow and surrounding areas

That’s why we’ve developed our simple 3-step solution.  Here’s how it works:

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Meet Mandy Tsang – Owner & Founder of Sense Intimates

I’m Mandy and I’m a self-confessed lingerie enthusiast.  I created Sense Intimates to provide an intimate yet professional lingerie fitting service for women who have been touched by breast cancer.

My vision came about following my mum’s first breast cancer diagnosis in 2002.  Her later diagnosis in 2017 made me even more determined to change the post-surgery lingerie experience for more women – and my fitting service was born.

I have a deep understanding of how much surgery and treatment can change your body and appreciate that every woman’s journey and experience is different.  I’m a certified Anita Care Consultant and Amoena Fit Specialist.  I also speak regularly for Breast Cancer Care on their Moving Forward Programme, helping women move forward with confidence after breast cancer.

Let me look after you and get you back the comfort and confidence you deserve.

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